In the world of coffee brewing, convenience and speed have often taken center stage. Keurig machines have become a household staple for their quick and hassle-free coffee brewing with 29,000 pods a minute ending up in landfills worldwide.

People, we gotta stop doing this stuff. Convenience will kill us. 

Also, and you better know I am not a coffee snob, Keurig coffee is trash. You shouldn't drink your favorite beverage in the world if it isn't fresh...but how fresh is your coffee that's sitting in a plastic pod, gathering dust on the grocery store shelf? It's definitely not as fresh as your local roaster who isn't just decimating the local landfill with plastic trash pods full of used coffee. 

And I'm not going to stop here. Do you think of the waiting room at your local oil change facility as the pinnacle of craft coffee? Are you just dying to stay in a Holiday Inn so you can taste the latest plastic pod of watery coffee? Hell no. So why are you actually buying that stuff? It's time to treat yourself, and your planet better - because let's not forget - an unhealthy planet will not produce coffee.

Ok, I'l try to end my rant and get to the showdown. When it comes to the quality of coffee, taste, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness, the French press emerges as the strong winner. In this blog, we'll explore why a French press is the superior choice when compared to a Keurig.

1. Quality of Coffee:

French Press: 

The French press method is renowned for its ability to deliver a high-quality cup of coffee. It allows coffee grounds to steep in hot water for an extended period, ensuring maximum flavor extraction and resulting in a rich and full-bodied brew. The absence of paper filters in a French press means no loss of essential oils or flavors, giving you a pure and unfiltered coffee experience.


Keurig machines, while convenient, often produce coffee that can be described as adequate rather than exceptional. The use of pre-packaged coffee pods can limit the variety and freshness of coffee available, resulting in a less satisfying coffee experience compared to the rich and nuanced flavors of French press coffee.

2. Taste:

French Press:

The French press method provides coffee lovers with a taste experience that is unmatched in terms of depth, aroma, and complexity. You have complete control over the brewing variables, allowing you to customize your coffee to perfection. The result is a full-bodied, flavorful cup with no loss of aroma or taste.


Keurig coffee, while convenient, can sometimes taste flat and lack the depth and nuances found in freshly brewed coffee. The one-size-fits-all approach to brewing can't quite compete with the customized experience offered by a French press.

3. Environmental Impact:

French Press:

French press coffee is environmentally friendly. It produces no waste other than the coffee grounds, which can be composted. There are no single-use pods or disposable filters, making it an eco-conscious choice.


Keurig machines rely on single-use coffee pods, which contribute significantly to plastic waste. While some efforts have been made to develop recyclable pods, the environmental impact of these single-serving containers remains a serious concern.

4. Cost Over Time:

French Press:

A French press is a one-time purchase with minimal maintenance costs. Coffee grounds are typically more affordable than pre-packaged coffee pods, making it a cost-effective choice over time.


A basic Keurig machines can easily cost the same as a quality stainless steel French press, with many Keurig machines costing 2-3x a quality French press. Plus, the ongoing expense of purchasing coffee pods adds up over time with many studies showing the cost per cup of a Keurig is 2-3x the price of a French press. The convenience of Keurig comes at a price, making it more expensive in the long run compared to a French press. And we aren't even discussing the real cost of this convenience which is the environmental disaster that Keurig is leaving behind.

While Keurig machines offer unmatched convenience, the French press shines in terms of coffee quality, taste, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness. If you're a true coffee connoisseur looking for a superior coffee experience, the French press is the way to go. It not only allows you to savor the full depth and complexity of coffee but also reduces waste and saves you money in the long term.

At Nowhere Coffee Club, we truly don't care if you buy our French press or another one that you fall in love with - just please get off the pod coffee addiction. It's inferior in every way but convenience. 

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