32oz Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

$75.00 USD

We designed the 32-ounce Nowhere Coffee Club French press coffee maker with three things in mind - elevated coffee flavor, durability in design, and sustainability at its core. 

Enjoy better-tasting coffee now! The Nowhere Coffee Club French Press allows you to dial in your desired flavor with laser-etched guides inside the stainless steel carafe, so you can quickly find your optimal coffee/water ratio. This way you can maintain your desired flavor for  8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, or even 32oz servings. Our French press delivers a full-bodied flavor every time unlike drip or pour-over coffee makers due to allowing more of the natural oils to enter your coffee. And thanks to the double wall insulation and our convenient pour spout that can be sealed off, your coffee will stay hot for much longer allowing you to enjoy multiple cups over the morning or kick back at brunch with friends while your coffee stays hot and ready for refills.

Built to last. We designed the Nowhere Coffee Club French press with as few parts as possible, minimizing the risk of breakage no matter what life throws at it - or it throws at life! With an all-stainless steel construction, there aren't cheap plastic parts or computer chips that can get in the way of your daily coffee fix. Just add coffee and hot water. We also added a secondary outer coating to ensure it stands up to all the bumps and scratches our favorite items get while handling them. And don’t worry about having to descale your French press or any other annoying maintenance issues - the most you’ll ever have to do is replace the filter and we include one in the box free of charge.

Better Taste & Less Waste. Nowhere Coffee Club cares about the beautiful planet that grows this beautiful bean. This is why we designed our coffee maker with longevity in mind. The Nowhere Coffee Club French Press is all stainless steel - no plastic components whatsoever - including our filter. This means there is no more paper filter waste, or worse, coffee pod waste. We carried this ethos into our packaging too, with our product information card printed onto a reusable coaster, and our box being built to last for display, storage, or a second life as a mailer. Finally, we set up the Another Tree Planted initiative where we donate a portion of our profits from every sale to plant trees.