Nowhere Coffee Club was founded by two best friends with the goal of helping elevate the coffee experience at home.

Joe and Kerry met in Boston back in 2005 and have been best friends ever since. They share a love for art, music, coffee, and culture. As individual entrepreneurs, they always wanted to start a company together. Since they live in separate cities, Joe and Kerry started Nowhere Coffee Club, a coffee-focused company that will help you make better coffee at home.

Joe spent his entire career working in music and he owns a music management and A&R consultancy. Joe lives in Austin with his wife and son.

Kerry started his career in small business. He owned vintage clothing shops in Texas and a graffiti/skate/streetwear shop in Harvard Square. After he sold his businesses, Kerry worked as a barista and fell in love with the coffee business. Kerry lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and daughter.