Coffee is a love affair. I know when I was first introduced to coffee it was at my Dad's Trivial Pursuit night, and when I was old enough, and mature enough, I was allowed to come and be the official dice roller. I learned so much on those warm Texas evenings on the screened in porch, including, don't talk too much, eat enough snacks that your tummy doesn't hurt, and the optimal ratio of cream and sugar to coffee for a 5th grader is 33%, 33%, 34%. 

But at some point we all get older and our palette is refined and it's time to take the next steps in our relationship with coffee. No more crazy amounts of cream and sugar - we want to taste the coffee! No more settling for gas station blend, or Keurig's, or watery drip coffee. We want to feel the coffee on our tongue. We want to take pride in making our coffee how we like it. We want to smell the aromas as the coffee blooms, and we want the ability to try fresh ground coffee from local roasters! 

So what's (one) of the best ways to do this? A French Press. So, is investing in a French press really worth it? 

It is if you're looking for the following:

Exceptional Coffee Quality

Is French press coffee good? Absolutely. French press coffee is renowned for its exceptional quality. The French press brewing method allows coffee grounds to steep in hot water, resulting in a full-bodied and robust brew. The result is a cup of coffee that captures the true essence and flavor of the beans, with no loss of aroma or taste.

Unique Taste Experience

What does French press coffee taste like? French press coffee offers a taste experience like no other. The extended steeping time and immersion process ensure that the coffee extracts all the richness, depth, and complexity of the beans. It's a taste journey that's full-bodied, aromatic, and bursting with flavor. If you like your coffee to taste less acidic, tangy, or watery, a French press is the right coffee maker for you.

Versatility and Control

A French press gives you complete control over your coffee-making process. You can adjust brewing variables like water temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, and steeping time to customize your coffee exactly to your liking. Whether you prefer a bold and intense cup or a milder brew, the French press can deliver it all. But, don't think this means you have to be a coffee scientist to make a cup of coffee either. All you have to do is put hot water on top of ground coffee for a few minutes and you will be blessed with a delicious cup of coffee and a great smelling room at the same time. 


Cost-Effective Brewing

When you invest in a French press, you're making a cost-effective choice. While the initial purchase cost is minimal, the long-term savings are substantial. Did you know a cup of Keurig coffee costs on average twice as much as a cup of freshly brewed specialty coffee from your local roaster? That's crazy to think you are receiving a substandard product for twice the money! 

Environmental Benefits

At some point, we all have to make minor changes in our daily routines to secure a bright future for ourselves and others. This is one of those simple changes that actually benefits you now and in the future! Did you know that in one year, the amount of coffee pods being thrown away could circle the Earth 12 times? How many of those are yours? I can tell you as someone who used a Nespresso machine for about a decade, that I definitely added to that trash pile, which is why I've chosen to stop. Will you join me? 

At the end of the day, the question of whether a French press is worth it is answered with a resounding yes. It's not just a coffee maker; it's an investment in a coffee experience that is unparalleled in its quality, taste, and versatility. The glowing reviews from coffee lovers worldwide and the cost-effective nature of French press brewing further attest to its worth. And it's an easy way to benefit every day from an environmentally-friendly way to drink your favorite beverage. So, if you're seeking a coffee experience that's rich, flavorful, and uniquely yours, consider adding our French press to your coffee arsenal. You won't be disappointed in the exceptional brew it can produce.

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