It's so weird when you visit a spot and think oh, this is a nice looking local shop, and then you find out it's a chain. And then you think, oh, they got their start in Texas and here I am in Oklahoma, that makes sense, it must be a small chain. And then you go to their website and see they are in 13 states! And you are like, man, I live under a rock. 

The above is based on true events. We were in Tulsa (sleeper town btw/tons of cool stuff going on here) visiting family and my daughter wanted a steamed oat milk and I NEEDED an iced latte. See the difference there kids? Want VS Need! So we popped into Summer Moon on 15th Street. 

Summer Moon Coffee Shop Tulsa

Summer Moon is known for their wood-roasted coffee, Texas Oak to be exact. And I have to tell you, it does taste like a warm summer night in Austin. I think it's because I attribute Austin with open campfires and chimineas everywhere you go. They are also known for their Moon milk, which sounds good as hell, but as a lactose-intolerant person I had to decline. 

So what does wood-roasted coffee taste like? Well, there's a bit of campfire taste in every sip. You ever had a smokey old fashioned? You ever inhaled just a bit of campfire smoke before taking a sip of your morning coffee? It's kind of like that effect although a bit subtler. 

Summer Moon Coffee Shop Oklahoma

On this particular day, Summer Moon was buzzing with college kids studying. Everyone was posted up with friends, happily typing away in Sunday comfort clothes. Which brings me to a real surprise I had while in Tulsa on this trip. The vast majority of coffee shops are closed on Sundays!!! I was like whoa. Even Utah keeps their coffee shops open on Sundays! So beware, if you travel here and you want to visit a lot of coffee shops, do it before Sunday! 

I didn't catch any music playing while we visited Summer Moon and I was surprised to not see any food items for sale. I'm not sure if this is unusual or if they ran out, but it was something I noticed. They also had a ton of cool branded merch for sale. 

If you've never had the opportunity to try a wood-roasted coffee you should give Summer Moon a shot! And let us know in the comments if you get the Moon Milk - I'm dying to know what that combo would taste like. I'm picturing the flavor of s'mores...

March 26, 2024

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