Just when I thought I had all the coffee shop categories defined, I went to Makers & Finders. So I added a new category to our Types of Coffee Shops blog, and this category is Brunch Coffee Shops. These are the coffee shops that also have like legit full plate breakfasts and they are delicious. They also usually have healthy bars. Makers & Finders is an awesome destination if you want delicious Latin brunch with an espresso or french press! 

Makers and Finders Interior Coffee Shop brunch spot

Food & Drink

That's right, I FINALLY found a coffee shop where I can buy a French press brewed coffee and enjoy multiple cups of coffee. Maybe it's just Salt Lake City but I never see a French Press offered on the menu. I had their Columbia Supremo roast and it was perfection. This was paired with the Latin Hash and I'm pretty sure I was audibly moaning when I was eating it. It was the perfect mix of spare ribs, onions and peppers, and a poached egg on top of a bed of diner potatoes. I'm having to force myself not to go back today tbh. 

So if you are hungry hungry, and you want a coffee-focused spot, check out Makers & Finders in the Las Vegas Arts District. And check out the graffiti, vintage shops, and skate shops while you're down there. It's a super eclectic area and it should definitely be a stop on your next trip to Vegas. 

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