Choosing the right size for your French press can greatly influence your coffee brewing experience. Too small, and you may find yourself constantly brewing multiple batches; too large, and you risk wasting precious coffee. That's where our 32oz French press from Nowhere Coffee Club comes into play. Not only does it offer a generous capacity for coffee lovers, but it also offers measurements for all sizes etched directly into the stainless steel canister. So if you are solo, or hosting friends, you can make the ideal amount of delicious coffee every single day.

Why Size Matters

The size of your French press should align with your individual consumption and brewing needs. Example:

  • Daily Coffee Intake: Are you making a single 12oz cup or are you making a consistent 32 oz every day? We know the real answer is "yes, and it depends." We wanted to make it easy for you to measure the ideal amounts of coffee no matter the ounces required. 
  • Guests and Entertaining: Do you often have guests over or enjoy hosting coffee gatherings? A larger French press allows you to brew enough coffee for everyone without the need for multiple batches. The first time I experienced this was with our Belgian friends who laid out the most impressive and delicious brunch with fresh bagels, lox, cream cheese, eggs, bacon, fruit, and a large French press full of delicious coffee. It's the standard I hold myself to when we have guests over and our Nowhere Coffee Club French press is front and center. 
  • TTD (Time to drinking) - Do you make a cup, pour a cup, and drink it down? Or do you like to make a large pot, drink a cup, walk around the house watching cat videos, and then come back and pour another? Our dual-layer stainless steel French press will keep your coffee hot no matter which scenario you fall into.

So why choose a size other than our 32oz French press? With our innovative laser-etched measurements inside the carafe brewing becomes hassle-free, ensuring you can enjoy the perfect cup, no matter how much or how little coffee you desire.


October 02, 2023
Tags: French press

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