We are so thankful that our guest, Will Amos, of It's Simple, It's Dumb, It's the Podcast, could join us today. Will is here to help us and other noobs learn what it takes to start a podcast and how not to make the same mistakes that he did. 

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Podcast Follow-along

Here are a few things we cover in the podcast. Think of it as a follow along, Tumblr-style. 


 Joey Valance & Brae - Hooligang Video

 Will Amos - Host of It's Simple, It's Dumb, It's the Podcast

Nirvana Concert - 1993, Dallas 

@lytlesongs on twitter - ranking Jason Lytle's songs in order according to Will Amos


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What is Will's favorite Grandaddy song?

The non-duplicated one: This is how it always starts

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March 26, 2024
Tags: Podcast