The French press, with its classic simplicity and ability to brew bold and full-bodied coffee, remains a beloved choice for coffee enthusiasts worldwide. However, the quality of your French press coffee begins with the beans you use. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of coffee beans and explore the best types and origins for a French press, addressing questions like "which coffee for French press?" and "Is the French press suitable for light roasts?"

What Makes the Best French Press Coffee?

Before we dive into the specific types and origins of coffee, let's establish some key criteria for the best French press coffee:

  1. Coarse Grind: French press coffee requires a coarse grind. The coarser grounds prevent over-extraction and sediment in your cup.
  1. Freshness: Always choose freshly roasted coffee beans. Coffee tastes best when brewed shortly after roasting, so find your local coffee roaster and go make new friends!
  1. Quality: High-quality beans lead to a better cup of coffee. Look for beans that are ethically sourced and ideally from reputable producers.

Types and Origins of Coffee for French Press

Now, let's explore some of the best types and origins of coffee for your French press:

1. Colombian Coffee: Colombian coffee is renowned for its balanced flavor profile. It often features notes of nutty sweetness and a medium body, making it a versatile choice for French press enthusiasts.

2. Ethiopian Coffee: (This is my personal favorite - and I don't believe I've ever served it to someone and had them not love it) Coffees from this region can vary from a mouthy, nutty flavor to a bright and floral one.

3. Brazilian Coffee: Brazil is the largest coffee producer globally, and its beans are known for their low acidity and nutty, chocolatey flavors. This makes Brazilian coffee a great option for a smooth and rich French press brew.

4. Sumatran Coffee: Sumatran coffee is prized for its full body and earthy, herbal notes. If you prefer a coffee with a deep and intense flavor, Sumatran beans are an excellent choice for your French press.

5. Kenyan Coffee: Kenyan coffee offers bright acidity and a delightful mix of fruity and floral flavors. It's perfect for those who enjoy a vibrant and lively cup of coffee.

Is French Press Good for Light Roast Coffee?

Yes, French press coffee can be excellent with light roast beans. Light roast coffee tends to preserve the unique flavors of the beans and highlight their origin characteristics. When brewed in a French press, these flavors can shine through, offering a bright and nuanced cup of coffee. Just ensure that you adjust your brewing time and technique to match the lighter roast, as lighter beans often require shorter steeping times to avoid over-extraction.

The journey to the best French press coffee begins with selecting the right beans. Whether you opt for Colombian, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Sumatran, or Kenyan coffee, make sure to choose high-quality, freshly roasted beans and grind them to a coarse consistency. And don't hesitate to explore light roast options if you're looking to experience the full spectrum of coffee flavors in your French press brew. By paying attention to these details, you'll be well on your way to savoring the perfect cup of French press coffee with each brew.

If you want a cost effective way to try new coffees before you commit to a 1 pound or 5 pound bag, visit your local coffee shop and have a conversation. Most baristas will be happy giving you a taste or walking through flavor profiles of the beans they sell. They can even grind them for you, and you can get the freshest best-quality coffee and support a local business! It's a win-win.  

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