Coffee enthusiasts often seek the perfect balance of flavors in their daily brew. When it comes to evaluating the qualities of French press coffee, questions about its smoothness and acidity frequently arise. The perception of smoothness in coffee relates to the absence of harsh or bitter notes, resulting in a pleasant and velvety mouthfeel. Smooth coffee is often associated with a well-balanced flavor profile that doesn't overwhelm the palate with acidity or bitterness.

Acidity in coffee is a prized attribute that contributes to its brightness and liveliness. It's not the same as the acidity found in sour or bitter foods; instead, coffee acidity is more akin to the pleasant tartness found in fruits. In my experience, you kind of fall in one of two coffee camps you love this tartness or you make that ew face. 

So, is French press coffee less-acidic?

French press coffee, while bold and flavorful, is generally less acidic compared to some other brewing methods like pour-over or Chemex. This is because the French press brewing process emphasizes full immersion and a longer steeping time, which tends to mute acidity to some extent.

Why Is French Press Coffee Less Acidic?

There are a few key reasons why French press coffee tends to be less acidic:

  1. Coarse Grind: The coarsely ground coffee used in a French press results in a slower extraction process, which can lead to lower acidity.
  2. Full Immersion: The immersion brewing style of the French press ensures that coffee grounds are completely soaked in hot water. This method can reduce the prominence of acidity in the final cup.
  3. Control Over Variables: French press users have control over brewing variables like water temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, and steeping time. Adjusting these variables can further tailor the coffee's acidity to your preference

While French press coffee is celebrated for its bold and full-bodied flavor, it is generally less acidic than some other brewing methods. The combination of the above allows coffee lovers to enjoy a smoother cup with milder acidity. However, the degree of smoothness and acidity can still vary based on factors like bean type, roast level, and personal taste. Whether you appreciate the smoothness and balanced acidity of French press coffee or prefer a different profile, it's all about finding the coffee and brewing method that satisfies your palate.


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