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The Nightcap Flavor Profile

Nightcap is for those of you who like your coffee dark. It's nutty with rich dark chocolate tasting notes, a heavy body, and mellow acidity. Nightcap is the whiskey of coffee - strong, bold, dark, and perfect for a morning cup or our favorite, at night in place of a cocktail. If you are just getting started in craft coffee, this will taste like traditional coffee only richer and fresher, like nothing you've ever had. Nightcap is not fruity or floral.

Guaranteed Fresh Coffee!

Nightcap is roasted to order which means your coffee should arrive 3-5 days after roasting, making it some of the freshest coffee you'll ever experience. In fact, baristas and roasters agree that you should wait at least 7 days from roast to get the perfect cup of coffee, and with our timeline, you will achieve that perfect cup, a taste you will recognize instantly.

Why Swiss Water® 

The beauty of Nowhere Coffee Club's Swiss Water® Decaf coffee is you can enjoy it any time day or night without keeping you up all night. If you are trying to go caffeine-free for any reason (better sleep, pregnancy, health) you don't have to give up the delicious ritual of coffee. You'll be amazed at how delicious our natural chemical-free decaffeinated coffee is and in blind taste tests - our friends and family couldn't tell the difference between fresh caffeinated coffee and Nowhere Coffee Club's Swiss Water® Decaf coffee.

Nightcap's Coffee Origin

Nightcap is the darker roast of our Peruvian Swiss Water® Decaf collection. We start with the finest Peruvian coffee beans grown at an altitude between 1100m -1700m. This specialty-grade bean is then put through the Swiss Water® Decaf process. The Swiss Water® Decaf process combines water, temperature, and time, and ensures you receive the best-tasting, chemical-free, no-processing-flavor coffee. It's simply natural coffee decaffeinated. 

Whole Bean or Pre-Ground Coffee

We want to help you make delicious coffee at home as easily as possible. This is why you can purchase your Nowhere Coffee Club Nightcap coffee as whole bean or pre-ground based on your brewing preference. We have dialed in the grind setting for you with pre-ground coffee for French Press, Espresso/Moka Pot, and Drip/Pour Over.