Black Coffee is an awesome neighborhood coffee shop, just a block or two away from Texas Wesleyan University at 1417 Vaughn Boulevard in East Fort Worth. It resides in a vintage building with hand painted windows, an awesome mural on the side, and beautiful art inside as well.

black coffee inside Fort Worth

Black Coffee has the word community hand-lettered on the front window and the moment you step inside you feel it. There were all kinds of people inside, from hard working locals, to college students, to business people meeting on the back sofa. It felt so different and I loved it. 

black coffee shop Fort Worth

It really opened my eyes to the fact that with the explosion of coffee shops all around us, we are finding ourselves segmenting ourselves off from each other and drawing imaginary lines once again in our daily lives. Not at Black Coffee. Black Coffee is for the people, and they are nailing their mission of bringing people together. 

black coffee meeting corner

I had an iced coffee at Black Coffee and it was cold and delicious. When I visited other coffee shops in town and I asked where else I should visit, I had two baristas say Black Coffee. If you find yourself in Fort Worth, Texas, take a drive to the East side, and meet some new people. You will not be disappointed. 

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