black coffee front of store

Local Coffeehouse - Black Coffee - Fort Worth, Texas

It really opened my eyes to the fact that with the explosion of coffee shops all around us, we are finding ourselves segmenting ourselves off from each other and drawing imaginary lines once again in our daily lives. Not at Black Coffee. Black Coffee is for the people, and they are nailing their mission of bringing people together. 
Local Coffeehouse - Hustle Blendz - Fort Worth

Local Coffeehouse - Hustle Blendz - Fort Worth

Hustle Blendz is a specialty cold brew shop - and I don't know what they are doing to their cold brew but it is magic.
Loki Coffee Shop in Salt Lake City Utah

Local Coffeehouse - Loki Coffee - Salt Lake City

I visited Loki with my friend Josh whom I'd call a local coffee scene connoisseur. Josh glanced around the shop and could tell me where certain patrons worked (many of whom work for top shops or roasters) as well as a few patrons who were actively cheating on their regular shop. Juicy! I know! 
Hand drawn image of the outside of Publik Coffee Roasters Avenues Salt Lake City

Local Coffeehouse | Publik Coffee Roasters | Avenues, Salt Lake City

If you ever visit Salt Lake City, Utah, I recommend a quick trip to The Avenues, a historic neighborhood just outside of downtown SLC. The neighborhood is super cool because...
Honeysuckle Coffee Company Salt Lake City Utah

Local Coffeehouse | Honeysuckle Coffee Co | Salt Lake City, Utah

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I got on my bike and rode down Main Street in Salt Lake City. Main Street is part downtown skyscrapers, part homeless encampments, part working class neighborhood, and part used car dealerships, so I was definitely surprised when I found myself in a coffeehouse that felt like a modern European establishment.