I am in town for the Grammy's this week and I had to load up on caffeine for what should be an exciting evening of awards and afterparties! 


The Vibe

Circa 55 is the coffee/breakfast spot inside The Beverly Hilton hotel. The Beverly Hilton opened it's doors in 1955, thus the name of the restaurant, and it's known for its iconic mid-century design. A host of influential people have stayed here and partied here and it has hosted the Golden Globes since 1961. This is a great place to grab a cup of espresso or coffee and some food and to hang out or take a meeting. 

circa 55 coffee drawing

Food & Drink

Knowing I had a very long and exciting evening ahead, I ordered the coffee and an espresso! The espresso was full-bodied and delicious. The coffee was solid as well - no exotic taste or aroma - just classic like the surroundings. I tried both beverages as ordered and I also requested a carafe of almond milk which was steamed to perfection. 

circa 55 menu drawing


If you don't live in a major (expensive) city, expect to pay dinner prices for breakfast at Circa 55, but it's a great vibe and an interesting slice of history that might be worth it for you and your family. While the coffee and espresso is definitely good, you are likely choosing Circa 55 for a multitude of other reasons and it's pretty cool to be in the epicenter of Hollywood history. 




February 09, 2024

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