I love that the Silver Grizzy exists in Longview, Texas. Years ago, my friend Lindsay opened up a gift shop in downtown Longview, and she was definitely ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, a little too far ahead which is why she relocated her shop into town before people really caught on to how cool downtown Longview could be. 

Silver Grizzly Coffee Shop Longview

The Vibe

The Silver Grizzly would be cool no matter where in the USA it was. In some ways the inside feels like a Blue Bottle. It's decked out in modern wood seating, has exposed rafters, and concrete floors. It has large windows that look out onto the main street of downtown. It's a local hangout, but you see many out of town visitors frequent the spot on weekends and holidays. On my last visit to the Grizz, I was astonished on how many people came in just in the 30 minutes that we were sitting there. At one point there were 17 people in line! 

Silver Grizzly Coffee Shop Interior

The Area

When in downtown Longview, Texas, I always stop by Ollie's Skate Shop. It's a beautifully designed shop and they sell everything skate, a little BMX, and a full wall of disc golf supplies. I highly recommend picking up a few discs and a skateboard and heading over to Ingram Park for their gorgeous pine tree disc course and wooden skatepark. 

Silver Grizzly Downtown Longview Texas

The Coffee

I've always enjoyed the coffee at the Grizz. They make their own house syrups, use grass-fed milk, and take pride in their craft. You can buy a bag online and try it out yourself! 

Silver Grizzly Longview Texas Coffee


In a town that prioritizes much of their commerce on "the loop" where Walmart and Starbucks reigns king, it's great that a proper coffee experience exists in the most beautiful part of the town. If you find yourself driving down I-20 from Louisiana to Dallas, I highly recommend taking an hour and stopping at the Silver Grizzly and seeing the gorgeous old downtown Longview, Texas. And if you are there around the holkidays, we might just run into each other at the Grizz.   



January 31, 2024

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