Vesta is bustling. It’s 10:32 am on a Friday and this place is non-stop. It’s a 50/50 mix of people typing away on laptops and people chatting. It’s a good mix of the creative class from students to business people. They have ample free parking for customers. The music is lively - a bit retro, here's an example.

There’s a ton of staff. At least 9 in the kitchen/barista bar and 3 running the in-house roastery. This is wild to see this many employees in a business of this size. But with this vibe, the food, and of course the coffee, I'm not surprised they are this busy. I was in Vesta for a few hours and it never slowed down. It was loud and bustling, and I loved it for being exactly how it was. 

Vesta Coffee Roasters Counter Inside I ordered a soy latte, as I always do, and it was delicious. This is where I wish I was better at describing coffee which is why I’m studying that hard as hell as we speak.

Vesta Coffee Avocado Toast Las Vegas

I also ordered the “basic” avocado toast which came with fresh cracked pepper and a juicy lemon. It was about half an avocado on a large piece of sourdough and it was delish. I’m in a lemon stage of life right now, I can’t get enough, and this was an awesome surprise.

Vesta Coffee Roasters Arts District Las Vegas

If you want an awesome local coffee experience while you're staying on the Strip, I highly recommend hitting up the arts district. It's good to get outside and feel the sun and check out all of the unique shops and bars, and restaurants in the area. You won't be disappointed. 

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