My buddy Charlie and I were at a party the other night having a convo about how we didn't want to end up being lonely angry old men some day. We talked about how the women in our lives were so good with building community for our families as well as themselves, so we decided it was our time to take a crack at it! 

Charlie loves coffee and we often discuss our favorite places in town and neither of us had been to Holy Water, but we both had heard good things. So off to Holy Water we went! 


The Vibe

Holy Water is located in between the University of Utah and Downtown SLC. I didn't know what to expect from this spot except I believe someone told me it was "fancy." I didn't know what definition of fancy to expect so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized this version of fancy is "warm, tasteful, and refined." (I wish I knew more interior decorating terms so maybe someone can help me out in the comments.) 


You walk into Holy Water and the first thing you see is the round serving counter covered in white textured tile. Everything is clean and in its place. There were two baristas working and a handful of customers sitting in the shop. If I were to categorize this shop in my life, it would go down as a first impression shop or a date shop. It's beautiful, quiet, and there isn't a ton of seating. Personally, I would feel weird posting up here for two hours nursing a drink while doing some work. No one told me to feel this way, so it might just be me, but I don't think I would use this as a virtual office. That being said, I would gladly bring a date, or meet someone here for a business meeting, or a chance for two grown men to change their course in life and not become lonely angry old men.


Food & Drink

I ordered a cortado with oat milk. It was well made with beautiful latte art. The drink came in a sturdy green glass and I know if we were back in Boston, a few of these would go missing every week. I didn't grab any food this visit but they offer some delicious local baked goods. The coffee is a blend from the award-winning Olympia Roasters



Holy Water is a well-thought-out operation. It somehow feels more designer than some of our nicest shops in town. This is why I love coffee - there's always a place for everyone. 


Nowhere Coffee Club said:

Glad you like it! We will be back!

Nick said:

WOW! This is beyond cool! Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed your cortado and I hope we see you on the regs! Take care and keep doing this awesome thing!

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