Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of trying out a brand new coffee shop in its first week of opening! The coffee shop is called Loki and it's located on 900s on the north side of the street next to the Chubby Baker on the same block as Tinkers Cat Cafe and Freshies Lobster. (If you don't know where any of these places are - we need you to get out more!

I visited Loki with my friend Josh whom I'd call a local coffee scene connoisseur. Josh glanced around the shop and could tell me where certain patrons worked (many of whom work for top shops or roasters) as well as a few patrons who were actively cheating on their regular shop. Juicy! I know! 

This, plus the fact that people just kept streaming in, made the shop a very exciting place to be on a Tuesday morning at 9am!

Almond Latte at Loki Coffee

Food & Drink

I always say I'm just going to order a drink but the food gets me almost every time. Loki is sourcing their pastry section from two local bakers and unfortunately the cookie I was going to bring home was sold out by the time I left, however,  I did grab this unbelievable pumpkin bread with a sweet buttery glaze on top. It tasted like something that just came out of your home oven. If I think hard enough about it I can still taste the buttery glaze. I'll be back for another. I ordered an almond milk latte and Josh grabbed a drip coffee (that comes with a free refill!) and speaking for myself, I was very pleased with the coffee and pastry. The coffee had great flavor and was actually hot enough for my liking which has been an issue at various shops.

Loki Coffee Shop Interior Illustration by Nowhere Coffee Club

The Vibe

Loki is built in what appears to be a 1940's Art Deco building. They did a wonderful job of keeping the vintage vibes, with era-specific paint colors that look like the building has been well-maintained but kept original for decades. I don't remember what was here before, but if you told me it was an old tool shop or something it would make sense to me. 

On the inside, it's new and fresh, and clean and serene. There's a ton of beautiful woodwork in the form of benches, tables, and bar tops. There's plenty of light streaming in through the windows in the morning which gives it a truly warm and inviting way to wake up. The room is open, and there are various sit/stand seating options and power outlets in most areas of the shop. I would say there is plenty of seating but man, these guys were busy, so we will have to see what happens with seating long term. 

There may or may not have been music playing, to be honest, that the room was abuzz with conversation. 

The Owners

This shop is owner operated! Damn, you can literally feel the difference and I love it. I chatted Jake the barista up when I ordered and complimented him on his awesome Slayer espresso machine. It's a work of art and it looks like the building was built around it. I had to ask the price and Jake (who ended up also being the co-owner) said, "one car." Haha, that says it all. He later introduced me to his co-owner and wife, Hermie, who was busy helping many customers and I hope to talk with in the future. 

I pieced together a bit of their story from a quick chat with Jake, and from overhearing a conversation Hermie was having with another customer, but I believe they met in the coffee industry, worked in some awesome coffee shops out there, and made the big move to SLC to open Loki. 

Loki Coffee Shop exterior illustration


I like Loki! As I wrote this blog I realized I need to make another trip there soon because I feel like there is more to say. I NEED to try that cookie. I'd like another cup of their delicious espresso roasted by Idle Hands. So let's just say this blog will be updated in the near future. Congrats Jake and Hermie, we are excited to have you in Salt Lake City.




Loki Coffee said:

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your experience!! We really appreciate it & your support. Super happy you and Josh enjoyed your visit! Definitely check out our story on our website if you’d like to learn more about our journey :)

If you’re in town and free for Thanksgiving, come by for our Thanksgiving Pop-up events! We’re excited to partner with thankyoufortheshortnotice & quailstreetsourdough for some Thanksgiving fun this Wednesday and Thursday.

( Breakfast burritos wednesday, sourdough pan pizza by the slice Thursday, and pies from tomodachi bake shoppe )

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