bungalow coffee las vegas

Local Coffeehouse - Bungalow - Las Vegas Arts District

I can honestly say, and this is a bold statement, this might be the best breakfast toast I have ever eaten.

Local Coffeehouse - Culture Coffee - Salt Lake City

Culture Coffee takes SLC's coffee scene to a new cool place. They play a constant mix of known and underground hip-hop. They sell cool records, cool t-shirts, and other cool merch,...
old cuss coffee shop south salt lake city

Local Coffeehouse - Old Cuss Coffee Co. - South Salt Lake City, Utah

Old Cuss Coffee Co. is a destination coffee shop for those who love coffee, vintage clothing and accessories, and vegetarian food. Tucked away off of Main Street in South Salt Lake, you'll find this western-themed spot with actual owner-operators making the food and drinks. 
Makers and Finders Las Vegas Coffee Brunch

Local Coffeehouse - Makers & Finders - Las Vegas Arts District

I FINALLY found a coffee shop where I can buy a French press brewed coffee and enjoy multiple cups of coffee. Makers & Finders is an awesome destination if you want delicious Latin brunch with an espresso or french press! 
into the void jersey city

Local Coffeehouse - Into The Void - Jersey City

Into the Void is an awesome coffee etc. shop in Jersey City, New Jersey. Part coffee shop, and constantly changing vintage midcentury-modern furniture store, it's a truly unique experience that will give you something new every time you drop by. 
Vesta Coffee Roasters Outside

Local Coffeehouse - Vesta Coffee Roasters - Las Vegas Arts District

Vesta is bustling. It’s 10:32 am on a Friday and this place is non-stop. It’s a 50/50 mix of people typing away on laptops and people chatting. It’s a good mix of the creative class from students to business people. They have ample free parking for customers. The music is lively - a bit retro, here's an example.
Local Coffeehouse - Silver Grizzly Espresso - Longview, Texas

Local Coffeehouse - Silver Grizzly Espresso - Longview, Texas

In a town that prioritizes much of their commerce on "the loop" where Walmart and Starbucks reigns king, it's great that a proper coffee experience exists in the most beautiful part of the town.
types of coffee shops

Types of Coffee Shops Defined

At Nowhere Coffee Club, we want to celebrate everyone's vision of what a perfect coffee shop can be. This is why we think it's important to help define the various coffee shop types, so you can choose the one that best suits your individual flavor. Read on and put a name to your favorite type of coffee shop. 
Local Coffeehouse | Inclusion Coffee | Arlington, Texas

Local Coffeehouse | Inclusion Coffee | Arlington, Texas

I grew up in Arlington, Texas, and I actually spent a little over two-years at the University of Texas at Arlington as I was trying to figure my life out....

Local Coffeehouse | Bird Rock Coffee Roasters | Torrey Pines

Nestled in the picturesque Torrey Pines area of Del Mar, CA, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a sanctuary for coffee lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. As you step onto the front...
Local Coffeehouse | Holy Water | Salt Lake City

Local Coffeehouse | Holy Water | Salt Lake City

My buddy Charlie and I were at a party the other night having a convo about how we didn't want to end up being lonely angry old men some day....
Loki Coffee Shop in Salt Lake City Utah

Local Coffeehouse - Loki Coffee - Salt Lake City

I visited Loki with my friend Josh whom I'd call a local coffee scene connoisseur. Josh glanced around the shop and could tell me where certain patrons worked (many of whom work for top shops or roasters) as well as a few patrons who were actively cheating on their regular shop. Juicy! I know!