Old Cuss is a destination coffee shop for those who love coffee, vintage clothing & accessories, and vegetarian food. Tucked away off of Main St. in South Salt Lake, you'll find this western-themed spot with actual owner-operators making the food and drinks. 

old cuss coffee salt lake city utah

The Vibe

Wood. There is lots of old barn wood, blanket lined benches, vintage ephemera, and classic tunes playing throughout. There's conversational seating, and task seating for those workers looking for a place to share a communal table and spread out a bit. Coffee is served in large vintage mugs and the food smells delicious. 

old cuss coffeehouse salt lake

The Etc. 

Old Cuss has about 30 feet of vintage clothing racks for men and women. It's a solid mix of men's and women's clothing including jackets, shirts, shoes, and accessories. Every person who comes in checks out the racks as their food and drinks are made, and the clothing adds a nice bit of warmth and texture to the space. I'm not sure if it's just because I used to own vintage clothing shops but I find it soothing to be able to sit amongst the racks and stare at all of the interesting things while I sip my delicious coffee. 

The Coffee

Old Cuss Coffee brews up coffee from Marcell Coffee Roasters out of Kansas City, Missouri. I ordered a soy latte which I enjoyed while writing this blog. I heard many unique orders while I was here including a cereal milk latte and a blueberry pie latte. I'm a bit of a boring person so I don't know if I would be adventurous enough to try one of those but if you are, you should check them out! 


If you are looking to explore South Salt Lake, there are a lot of interesting spots popping up including breweries, distilleries, and of course, cool coffee shops. And if you like vintage clothing, why not check out a spot where you can meet some friends and get some good food and beverage while you shop?

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