If you ever visit Salt Lake City, Utah, I recommend a quick trip to The Avenues, a historic neighborhood just outside of downtown SLC. The neighborhood is super cool because you can follow the history of local architecture as you climb higher and higher into the Avenues ending up with a gorgeous view of downtown SLC and the Great Salt Lake as well as a view of the Wasatch mountains. 

Located at 502 3rd Ave. is Publik Coffee Roasters, a picturesque coffeehouse nestled among a ton of beautiful single family homes. We chose to visit Publik for two reasons on this trip: the first being that my daughter and I were hungry and she wanted something "healthy" and the second being I needed a coffee because it was definitely coffee o' clock. 


The Vibe

Publik in the Avenues (they have a few locations) is put together yet cool, the kind of place you could take a client or a date, but also the kind of place where you could bring your laptop and work. On any day in Publik you will see college kids, writers/artists, working people, friends hanging out, and usually a bespoke only child with an even hipper parent. 

There's a generous amount of seating inside for it being a smaller coffeeshop with multiple wooden bars and stools, as well as 2-top tables with short metal chairs. On a beautiful day, there are ample outdoor options as well in a side courtyard or out front underneath umbrellas. 

The baristas aren't overly friendly but they also aren't unfriendly. Some of the longer lasting baristas will definitely warm up to you over time and remember your name if you visit often.

WiFi and Music

WiFi seems to be fine for the customers visiting. For some reason, my former work laptop had trouble connecting due to security so I got used to tethering to my phone when I visited, but I believe that was a me-problem, not Publik's. Music varies and personally I like that about this coffee shop. Sometimes it's 90's indie, sometimes it's new indie. I'm starting to realize it's indie quite a bit, but I usually dig it and if not, it's not overpowering by any means. 


The Coffee

Publik Coffee Roasts their own blends and the soy latte I had was brewed with their Central Ninth blend. This coffee is described as having dark chocolate, hazelnut, and red fruit notes. It originates in Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras. What's cool is each producer is actively trying to do better in their part of the process. For example, the Brazilian and Honduran components are actively taking part in a sustainability program called LIFT and the Guatemalan component is cultivated by women in order to advance gender equality. There's a lot going on in this coffee and we like it! 

The Food

I return to Publik for their toast. My daughter loves their avocado toast with fresh cracked pepper, but my favorite is the Lox toast. It's an awesome afternoon toast with carefully laid out smoked salmon, goat cheese, capers, and red onion on toasted peasant bread. I'd like to thank the baristas at Publik for taking the time to make this toast look as good as it tastes. The presentation is always on point and I love a coffee to wash it all down. I've also personally enjoyed the avocado toast and banana toast, but I haven't tried any others because I crave these others so much. 


Publik is great if you are looking for a nice coffeehouse to settle into for 30+ minutes. If you are hoping for a quick takeout cup of coffee your best bet is to order ahead because you never know if there will be a line ahead of your or not - and since they offer delicious food and crafted drinks - you might have to wait a bit so don't be in a rush. This location serves as a perfect neighborhood spot, where you will see regulars, enjoy their location inside or out, or just grab a nice beverage to walk through a beautiful neighborhood. 



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