Rawbean in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been one of my go-to drive-through coffee shops for the past 10 years in Salt Lake City. It’s conveniently located on 600 South, which is THE road that takes you from I-15 into downtown Salt Lake City. When I first started visiting, SLC still felt like a small city, and even though it’s on a major street, it still felt like a little known coffee shop on your way into downtown. 

Fast forward to 2024, and 600 South is essentially a blend of a Nascar track and a highway. This has probably been wonderful for Rawbean’s business, as there seems to always be a line no matter what time of day you drive by. But don’t let that line deter you from visiting because the Rawbean baristas are very efficient. 


This isn’t one of those stores where you have to wait until you get to the window to order your coffee and treats. Rain or shine, snow or heat, the Rawbean baristas come to you. I have been in lines at least a dozen cars long in the rain and a very happy and kind barista walks out to every single car to take orders to ensure you get your coffee exactly how you want it and it's ready for you by the time you make it to the drive thru window. Service like that, plus the good coffee is what brings me back. 

Rawbean is consistent both in quality and service and I am a sucker for both.

January 29, 2024

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