Culture Coffee takes SLC's coffee scene to a new cool place. They play a constant mix of known and underground hip-hop. They sell cool records, cool t-shirts, and other cool merch, and of course they sell delicious coffee. The owners, Isaac Atencio and Eric Ston, also own the Salt Lake Barber Company which is attached to the coffee shop and they have another location in SLC that was my local barber shop for years. Whether you drop by the spot for coffee or a fresh cut, you will not be disappointed. 

culture coffee salt lake

Culture Coffee is full of cool art. It's political, it's cultural, it's counter-cultural, it feels like the life we lived in Boston back in the Proletariat days.  They also have stand-up arcade games that you can play while you wait, and the bathroom is covered in throwies. 

lowrider inspired espresso machine

Their custom lowrider-inspired La Marzocco espresso machine is out of this world. It has real working taillights, and a custom multicolor paint and stripe job. This coffee machine makes me happy just thinking about it and the Counter Culture baristas are churning out consistent delicious drinks. 

culture coffee records

I had an iced almond milk latte and it was clutch. So good in fact, I brought the boys back for coffee the very next day. We are so glad to see Culture Coffee hit the SLC coffee scene. 

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