Bungalow is a super cool coffee shop. It's kind of sexy, it kind of feels like night even during the day, but it's not moody or sultry or anything. It's different and you need to experience it yourself and help me describe it! 

bungalow coffee company

The aesthetic is modern, with sleek black tile behind the counter and polished concrete floors. When I walked up to the counter to order I was immediately interested in the Bungalow t-shirts - they had great pops of color and looked more like streetwear than merch at a coffee shop. On the opposite wall is a cool mural of a Bungalow surrounded by island plants. This is when I noticed all the interior plants that were brought in - maybe to support the theme, maybe to naturalize the interior, or maybe because we all just love plants - whatever the reason - it's a nice touch. 

bungalow coffee shop las vegas

The crowd was very diverse. There were military personnel, business meetings, friends hanging out, and a few college students studying together. Bungalow is a large coffee shop with ample seating and I didn't have trouble finding a bar stool while I waited for my soy latte. 

sweet beginnings toast at bungalow

Speaking of coffee, Bungalow uses Monarch from Onyx for their espresso. I also ordered their Sweet Beginnings toast which is made of almond butter, bananas, strawberries, honey, and cinnamon maple sugar. I can honestly say, and this is a bold statement, this might be the best breakfast toast I have ever eaten. Legit. When I opened my to-go container, I was overtaken by the smell of real strawberries - like homemade jam in the summertime at your grandma's house. It wasn't perfumy either - it was amazing. Every bit of this toast was good - and I wasn't starving and I had eaten well so I can trust my senses!

I could go on but really you just need to experience it and all of our favorite Las Vegas coffee shops - Las Vegas doesn't disappoint! 


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