bungalow coffee las vegas

Local Coffeehouse - Bungalow - Las Vegas Arts District

I can honestly say, and this is a bold statement, this might be the best breakfast toast I have ever eaten.
Makers and Finders Las Vegas Coffee Brunch

Local Coffeehouse - Makers & Finders - Las Vegas Arts District

I FINALLY found a coffee shop where I can buy a French press brewed coffee and enjoy multiple cups of coffee. Makers & Finders is an awesome destination if you want delicious Latin brunch with an espresso or french press! 
Vesta Coffee Roasters Outside

Local Coffeehouse - Vesta Coffee Roasters - Las Vegas Arts District

Vesta is bustling. It’s 10:32 am on a Friday and this place is non-stop. It’s a 50/50 mix of people typing away on laptops and people chatting. It’s a good mix of the creative class from students to business people. They have ample free parking for customers. The music is lively - a bit retro, here's an example.